What tuning did Zakk play in this song? I tried standard and drop D but they weren't good.
bangoodcharlote you guys are probably right about one thing you are not considering is that this tuning is most likely in a 435 Hertz which was the original Britt tuning versus the universal 440 Hertz period back in the day it used to be 432 which is actually more resonant with natural entities within our existence if you do your research the reason why they started tuning up is because amphitheaters started getting larger and larger and acoustical instruments such as violins and stringed instruments had the tune higher to project further. now if you try to do your drop D half step in 435 I bet it will work or I'm going to try it right now .  
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Necroposting with an added side of "432 hertz is more resonant with natural entities"? That's a closin'.
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