Okay, so i have no idea about Effects pedals except how they plug in and how to work them, and i just got a new amp off a friend which has drive but sounds pretty crap. so im wanting a pedal for distortion ive got a price max of £30 as im also saving for a new guitar, here's some i found on GAK.

Which would suit best for playing, A7X, Senses Fail, MCR, and general rock bands?

also if you have any other suggestions it would be appreciated.

Behringer DM-100 Distortion Modeler

Behringer HM-300 Heavy Metal

Behringer OD-100 Overdrive/Distortion

Danelectro FAB D1 Distortion Pedal
basically don't get behringer they're infamous for breaking easily. I don't really know much about the FAB pedal but if you're working with a £30 budget then you won't really get anything too great. I'd recommend saving up a bit and buying a pedal which will last you a long time.
I have a FAB metal and it's ok.
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For 30 quid you're not going to get anything good. Save about £60 and I recommend you get a Metal Muff.

EDIT: Look at an Ibanez SM7 as well. I believe on GAK they're £40 and they're pretty damn good. I have one, and it kicks the crap out of all Distortions for that price.
To stradivari310, i have no idea what amp it is it says GA5 on the top if it helps.

i will probably save up then i do have £80 but i set £30 aside for a pedal. ill look into the ibanez SM7, and the fab metal, i think the guitarist in my old band had one of them and it was pretty good.

thanks for the suggestions.
The FAB pedals are good value for money, I had the D1, did the job, and did a pretty good job at that too. Otherwise, prehaps a digitech bad monkey. Even though its built for use on valve amps. Itd be good for the future if you ever picked on up.