Ive been looking for a new amp for quite some time and ive just stumbled upon the Blackheart Little Giant. Its a small 5w/3w tube amp with full band eq. Ive watched videos on youtube and what not showing what it can do and i love the tone of the amp. The only thing i am a little bit weary about is how it only has one channel.

My question now would be: Is my best bet to get this amp, but also get an overdrive/distortion pedal to go from clean to overdrive during a song, or would i be better off saving more and getting something like the Fender Frontman or whatever?

Size really doesnt make a difference to me, but i thought the Little Giant would be nice because 1. its a relatively cheap tube amp and 2. ill be going to college in a year or so and a small amp would be better there.

What are your opinions on this amp and what do you think i should do in this situation?

thanks a lot

using the volume knob on your guitar is a great way to go from clean to od during a song. i have the BHLG and thats what i do. i have an od pedal as well, and that works nicely too. actually, my od pedal cost more than the LG head

basicly what you do with a one channel amp is turn the volume up to where you want it to be most distorted. then you use the volume knob to get different levels of clean/crunch/full on overdrive. it sounds very nice and is actually how artists used to do it before the invention of multi channel amps.
thanks a lot.

how do you like your little giant? Ive watched videos and read revews and crap, but do you think its worth getting?

so far ive liked it a lot. i havent played it a ton because ive had a lot of work these past couple weeks and ive only had it like 2 weeks. throw on top of that the fact that i have a new room mate who sleeps all day and is only awake a night, i havent had too many oportunities to really turn it up. but my other guitar playing room mate and i both love it. sounds nice for a cheap and low powered amp. pretty responsive to picking dynamics and the knobs on the guitar. i was gonna go for a VJ at first, but decided the 3/5w switch was something i would like, as well as the tone stack.

the only problem ive really had with it is the fact that it doesnt take modulation pedals too well. mostly because it doesnt have an effects loop, so thats not really a problem with the amp. seems solidly built and it sounds nice. i wanna play it a bit more before i form a real solid opinion on it, but so far i cant really find anything wrong with it.
^ Dude did you know the combo or the head + cab is so heavy for a 5w tube. If i recall correctly its like 45 plus pounds. ohhhhhhhh

But if its your cup of T then go for it, they sound good just that its heavy
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