ive a new found love of pancakes recently. especially the american style and buttermilk ones. british are ok, but they go cold really quickly, any theyre not as sweet. anyways, does anyone have any suggestions on what to put with my pancakes. so far ive just been using lemon juice, and maple syrup.
also whats the best way to heat them ? for premade the toaster doesnt seem to get them that hot and browns them so theyre slightly crunchy, and though the microwave gets them stealing it says on the packet for most of them "don't microwave"

and homemade pancakes are the best. right in the pan, on the range.
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I like them best with slices of apple and sugar.
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spaghetti bolognese works well with a pancake underneath and ontop of it
chocolate sauce
pretty much anything cookable or a sauce works well actually...

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man make your own pancakes, sooo much better, add a little cinnamon in there with some apples and blueberries and your golden

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I dont know how those taste but try with cream and somekinda fruity or berry jam^^
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i prefer my indian pancakes. well they're actually quite different from the american and british ones but hey they taste gd and pancakes is the only way of describing them..they go well with anything from the hottest of curries to honey. I remember once we had to do this cake sale thing and my pancakes sold for like 5£ each lol i raised over 100£ thnx to them for charity hehe
With pancakes, anything goes.

Ice cream.
Combinations of the above plus various spices.
Homemade with blueberries in and blueberry syrup.
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I eat them with syrup. I don't have all that other fancy stuff on hand.
English/British pancakes are fail.

Scotch pancakes on the other hand are amazingness in tangiable form.

I think Scotch pancakes are fairly similar to American ones (they look like the ones on the rabbits head anyway)

They go amazing with a small scoop of maple and pecan icecream
Have You Ever Tried "Pankeggs?"

Pankeggs begin just like regular pancakes. I use a mix, because I was raised by hippies. And Aunt Jemima still has a certain novelty to it.
Put a little oil in the pan, but make sure you add some butter. That's where the flavor is. Coat it, and then pour yourself a nice, big pancake. Now watch it. See those tiny little holes? Those a bonding holes, and they have a purpose. As soon as you see enough bonding holes, pick the pancake up and crack an egg under it. Flip the pancake over so that the bonding holes come in contact with the egg. To properly bind your pankegg, you might have to give it a pat or two. Its ok is anything squirts out. Wait a couple minutes and then clear off anything that doesn't look like a pankegg. If you did it right, your egg will have fused right into the bonding holes.

The result: neither a pancake nor an egg, a pankegg.

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