Im in a recent pedal buying phase and I have a lot of quiestions I have bought a couple boss pedals and a dunlop but after looking up some brands I wonder if I made the wrong decision. I see brands like MXR, Carl Martin, and electro-harmonix and wonder wich I should be buying. So if you could I would like to know wich brands are best at what.

For example

MXR - Phaser

that sort of thing and I would also like prices if at all avialabe becouse I don't want to spend over $200 on anything other then delay wich im willing to shell out $300 for.

These are the types of pedals I want so if you can tell me which are best for these that would be great

Tremelo, chorus, delay, phaser, and compression

I already own a awsome wah and some good distortion pedals.

One last question what is the diference between digital and anolog effects and wich are better.

TY for advice
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i think you mean carl martin and electro harmonix.

the difference between analog and digital is that analog pedals don't have anything digital in their circuitry and it generally sounds better. digital pedals do use digital technology and can sometimes sound 'fake' or digital, but for some things like delay then can definitely sound good aswell.

generally analog is better, but digital can also be good.
i hate that people think that either analog or digital will sound better all the time. thats not true. it depends on the pedal and your needs. i would rather have a digital reverb because i use external reverb to get spacy and wacky sounds which is going to be better implemented in something digital. i would rather have an analog distortion pedal though, as i find digital distortion to sound awful. for delay, i would want both. analog is going to be warmer and sound very nice as an echo or more subtle, and digital is going to have things like tap tempo and more pristine delays. so which is better? whichever suits your purpose.

as for what to get:
phaser: try the phase 90 and the ehx small stone. both are nice but voiced differently. there are more expensive ones out there, but i still think these two are classics. for the phase 90 i would also try to get one of the custom shop script ones, as the old script ones sound better so i would assume the new ones are closer to that.

delay: depends on if you want digital or analog. analog try the ehx deluxe memory man, ibanez ad-9 and theres one or two more i like that i am forgetting. for digital try the line 6 dl-4 and the boss dd-20, though the line 6 is probably better.

chorus: try the boss ones and the ehx small clone which everyone seems to love.

compressor: try the mxr dynacomp/supercomp or go for the keeley compressor. i like my dynacomp but the keeley is supposed to be great.

tremolo: i dunno, but ive heard good things about the red moon pentavocal and the voodoo lab tremolo. the ehx pulsar is ok, but i didnt think it was anything special. id pass on the tr-2 though, i didnt really like that one too much.
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ahhh. Good that you have a good amp (most kids want great pedals b4 they get the amps). The EVH phase 90 is a great pedal, but i would just get the script phase (they sound very simaliar, just that the EVH has 2 modes, and its not really worht the other 30 bucks.) I would recommend an EHX small clone for chorus or an MXR stereo chorus, or a Deluxe Memory man which has both chorus and delay and tremolo/vibrato, I think that one would suit you well. (all analog of course)... perhaps an Ibanez stereo chorus? try em out. for compression, my dynacomp is still kicking. if you need more options with compression than a more expensive pigtronix attack/sustain pedal or an Analogman Comprosser.
Thanks and when i first thought about buying pedals I had a ss crate and a friend told me before you ever buy a pedal get a tube amp so I did and it is one of the best decisions i made
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If you got the cash go Boutique... I just recently switched over to Protone Pedals and love them... The Delay is Digitial but has analog warmth and feel to it.. Fit my needs perfectly..
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I don't have botique cash I was only hoping to spend about $800 for all my affects

Well the delay is only $200, compressor $169, Chorus $199.. So $569.00 for those and then 129.99 for the phase 90 and 129.99 for a tremolo pedal that puts you at $828.98... So for 30 bucks more your getting 3 boutique pedals.. But a budget is a budget... So Boss or Mxr might be your best bet...
If your willing to shell $300.00 for a delay spend a little more and get the boomerang chorus and delay. I had the h20 and this thing is 10 times the pedal with no unity gain issues.
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