I've got two 2x12 cabinets that I need to put speakers into.
Now I know I need each cab to be 8 Ohms so I can put them both into my bass head at 4 Ohms, but I don't know which speakers I'll need for the cab.

My instinct is saying two 16 Ohm speakers per cab, but then theres a voice in the back of my head saying that could be wrong.
Am I right in thinking I need 16 Ohms for each speaker?

Also, if I got this bundle (http://www.lean-business.co.uk/eshop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=307), could I split them between the two cabs? Or would they all need to be hooked up together into one cab?

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You need to do some reading on wiring speakers in series and parallel and what that does to the oHm values. You can split the speakers in the bundle but you will have to wire it to get the correct oHm value for your amp head.

If all this doesn't make sense to you, I would highly recommend getting help from someone in-person. Once you go through this exercise once, you will understand enough to be good for the future. It's not hard, just hard to explain with someone with little to no knowledge.

Isnt 2 x 16 ohm in parallel just gunna be 8 ohms for the cab?

EDIT: This next bit was wrong (heads are wired normally in parallel

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You can connect either two 4 ohm speakers in series to get 8 ohms, or two 16 ohm speakers in parallel to get 8 ohms.

The speaker outputs on an amp are (almost?) always connected in parallel. Check your manual to make sure.
Yes, two 16ohm speakers wired in parallel = 8ohms. Two 8ohm cabs wired in parallel = 4ohms.

Regardless of how your cabs are wired now, you can change them easily.

Yes, you could use any bundle of 16ohm speakers.
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