I play Blues, and bends are the pillar of my solos. So I want a Sustainer/Compressor that can give my clean bends a lot of sustain. So which pedal do you recommend?
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I use the barber tone press I have all the sustain I would ever wan't. And that is thru the cleans on my twin no overdrive. The barber is nice you can mix the wet signal in with the dry. Great compressor.
No not one bit. I have been using compression for years from rackmount stuff to the higher end stomp stuff and I truly believe this is one of the best out there.We kind of pass pedals between a bunch of studio musicians so I get a chance to listen to a lot of stuff out there and Daves pedals are right up there with them all. I use a burn unit and also his eq on my board. And I think I'm going to pick up his fuzz it sounds great.