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I've been playing with my drummer for about a year now just doing instrumentals, and now we're on the lookout for a singer. We've had a few auditions, but we are having a really tough time with vocal amplification.

Is there any way to amplify vocals that doesn't involve buying a separate vocal amp?
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short answer: no.

i mean, you need an amp for it. and really, you aren't gonna get any good results trying to put it through a bass amp or guitar amp. but on the plus side, really, a cheap keyboard amp with an xlr input isnt hard to find. behringer make plenty of them with a few inputs with discrete volume settings, a 6 band eq and some basic effects. they're perfectly adequate for practice and they're easy to transport.
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Quote by woodsballplayer
well if you must use the guitar amp for it, you need a mic preamp, without a preamp, the sound is going to be very very quiet. (thats what Im guessing is your problem?) A preamp will send power to the mic. Check out this one.

That's what I do at the moment.

Although it makes me want to cry everytime I look back at my precious guitar amp. I just need a bit more money for cheap ass keyboard amp
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You should buy a PA. Then route everything through that. That's what we do... PA's can get pretty expensive though.
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My drummer has an electric set (which I hate), and the amp he uses for that has 4 or 5 input jacks. We plug the mic into one of those and just turn it louder than the drums, but we get alot of feedback doing this.

And the mic we're using isn't exactly top of the line. It was originally part of a karaoke machine that my sister got for her birthday one year, and it's 1/4", not XLR. I have no problem buying another more professional mic, but we don't have anything with an XLR
jack, so whatever we got would be crappy.

I'll look into the preamp, sounds like a good idea. Anything else we can do if that doesn't work out?
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yeah, i reccomend getting a seperate amp. i used to sing for my band. i ran my guitar and the mic thought the same amp.

i could never hear what i was singing.
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Yeah, agreed. You really need to get a seperate setup for vocals. You should be able to pick up a second hand small vocal PA for not a lot of money that will be suitable for rehearsals and small gigs.
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Just for practice running a mic through some random amp is fine as long as it's loud enough. For shows you WILL need a proper vocal amplification system, but almost ALL venues have their own anyway.