okay so i'm getting a new guitar

selling my current one and getting another £200-£300 on top

so i've got £500-600 to spend on a new guitar + an amp if i can afford one

i'm hellbent on getting a razorback (v or dime)

needs to have good high fret access and sound great, metal is preferred style but versatility is always good

ampwise, just bedroom stuff with the ocasional drummer and small gig, prefferably tube because everyone hates SS's.

ibanez rg350mdx
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ill sell you my black RR3
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ill sell you my black RR3

i'm looking for a setneck guitar, i just had a jackson so i wanna get something new
Go to the local music shop and try out as many guitars as you can. Choose the one which you like the most for it's sound and it's feel. If your guitar looks cool but doesn't feel right then DON'T take it.
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