any one know the difference much between these two on a MIA strat? cant seem to find much info on U necks.Ty
Basically the U is a bit fatter than the C (imagine the letter C on its side, and see how its not as tall as the U).
ah gotcha, yeah i was alittle confused cause i own a U neck strat and it seems pretty thin of a neck.
yeah. v necks suck. uncomfortable as hell.
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yeah. v necks suck. uncomfortable as hell.

I love the V neck. It's by far the most comfy neck I've played. The U profile is like a boat. I can never play a neck that big without cramping something.

The necks on the '54 reissue Gibson Les Pauls are brutal too!
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ty for all your replies, it turns out i have a c-neck... no wonder it doesnt feel big to me lol.
Also consider that modern Strats (Mexican Standard, Deluxe, American Standard, American Deluxe...) have a thinner C-shape neck, while vintage (and vintage styled, like Classic and American Vintage series), have the classic thicker C, V or U-shape, depending on the year it's made/ based on.
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