Was writing a good intro riff, I like it, but I'm not sure where to go next. I just want to show it and see if I can get some ideas and crit on how it sounds so far. C4C of course.
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wow I gotta say, that was refreshing. The intro riff was catchy, but it didn't really hook me, I really liked the keyboard (especially Keyboard II) during the verse though. It was killer.

I'd be interested in seeing what it would sound like if the guitar was a deeper sound, maybe dropping the pitch as well.

Eitherway thought it was nice. Not quite sure where to take it though.
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That intro was beautiful in every way, but I dislike the direction it went in after bar 27. I think it would be alot better if you kept the same general motif throughout, keyboard driven, steady, and melodic. Also, I personally liked this alot better once I muted the string ensemble. (keyboard II) It kind of overwhelmed the rest of it.
Just changed the piano and guitar part part very slightly and slowed it all down by about 10BPM.
I like the two guitars in the beginning, quietly heard behind the piano (Which was phenomenal the whole way through). I love it when songs explode, so when yours turned distorted with drums, I sort of fell in love haha. Again, the piano was especially good during the electric part. I'd like to hear what it sounds like continued very much.

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eh my piano RSE hasnt been working so I changed it to acoustic guitar. it probably doesn't give the same effect but I can visualize. it has kind-of a different style to it. the chord at the end of intro is nice, but the next part seems to get a little repetitive. great job though man 8.5/10
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