Not to sure if this is the right thread, so let me know if it is or isn't.

I have a Dean Z-X and on all my string, when i play them there's this bad sound, like something is being unscrewed. It is most noticeable on my first 3 strings. Also, on my 3rd and 4th strings, there is this terrible ringing sound, like a dying animal. When it's in my amp, the sound is less noticeable, but still there. I believe this has to do with my bridge, so I had it adjusted, but the sound is still there. Help please?
It's hard to tell from that description, but it sounds like your action is too low, and the strings are making a buzzing sound against the frets. If it's that, then it could be that you need to raise the bridge, get a new nut, or adjust the truss rod.