i realised today at snooker that the people i would refer to as mates aren't really people i particuarly like. i know it sounds mad, but i think the only reason they're mates is because i've known them so bloody long.

they are my mates, and we usually get on, although the banter can sometimes get out of hand, but it seems that there mates because i don't have the motivation to distance myself. in some cases, i'm too afraid, as some people i know are quite insane.

i mean, to be honest, the majority of my friends are pricks, and when people ask me how and why i put up with them, i just say something like "they're mates, what can ya do?" sorta thing.

anyone else find this? just wondering. am i the only one apart of a dysfunctional, yet loyal, friendship? i doubt it somehow
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I feel the same way with most of my close friends. I've known them for so long that I've kinda gotten used to their dick attitudes, but I still get irritated once in a while. Maybe make some new friends? Gluck with that
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not sure i really want new friends. i feel obliged to be mates with the ones i knock about with, which is kinda a bad thing really
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I've gone true several groups of close friends. If I stop getting along with them, I usually stop hanging around with them.

It's awkward to be around a lot of the people at school cause we used to be good friends, thankfully it's my last year.

Find new friends that you like, you'll be happier.
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i've never seen/read it. how does this relate?

he's in your exact situation, only with more heroin.
right, i'm not bumping this, but my mates are just getting on my tits now.

it seems that wherever we go, trouble always seems to find us. i think they're liabilities. just last night, in town, a few of my mates got smacked and it just puts me in a very arkward position. not being very big, i don't like fighting, and yet, i know that if something did kick off, i would have to step in.

argh. there was no real point to this, just a release of frustration.
My group of friends for about the first three years of secondry school were complete dicks talked down to people and treated people like **** which was making me look like a dick becasue i was with them when they did it.
Realised this and just started hanging about with a different group of lads i was in the same classes as. Still best mates with them today and the only decent lad out of my origional group of friends hangs out with us aswel now.