I dont understand the F chord.
I just started a few months ago, and i know A, Am, D, G and C

I need B and F

How do i do them. they require more fingers then i have
you won't be able to do F without knowing E, but B is A two frets up. instead of using your index, mid, and ring fingers, you use your mid,ring, and pinkie, and "bar" the second fret with your first finger.
Edit: IE.

123411- fingers on second fret
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theyre bar chords, look for a tab on UG thats listed as chords and they show you how to play them
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F - Put your first finger flat across all the strings parellel to the 1st fret (try to keep this finger as straight as possible) then use the remaining 3 fingers to make the shape of an E chord
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more fingers than you have????, for a F bar cord, rest your index finger across all six strings on the first fret, middle finger on the 2 fret G-string, ring on the 3 fret A-string, and pinky 3 fret D-string, a Bbar would be index resdted across the A-High E on the second fret, then take your ring finger and lay it on the 3 fret over the D-B strings. hope this help and not confused you even more.