I just found out that The Black Mages finally are releasing their third album, long over due in my opinion!

March 19th is the Japanese release date, and the track listing is as follows:

# "Opening ~ Bombing Mission" (from Final Fantasy VII)
# "Neo EXDEATH" (from Final Fantasy V)
# "The Extreme" (from Final Fantasy VIII)
# "Assault of the Silver Dragons" (from Final Fantasy IX)
# "KURAYAMINOKUMO" ("Cloud of Darkness") (from Final Fantasy III)
# "Distant Worlds" (from Final Fantasy XI)
# "Premonition" (from Final Fantasy VIII)
# "Grand Cross" (from Final Fantasy IX)
# "Darkness and Starlight" (extended arrangement of the opera "The Dream Oath: Maria and Draco" from Final Fantasy VI)
# "LIFE ~ in memory of KEITEN ~" (original composition, unrelated to the Final Fantasy series)

Here is a preview of Bombing Mission:


I really enjoyed their first two releases and am eagerly anticipating the next. Is anyone else here a fan?
Black Mages are awesome, Nobou Uematsu is a brilliant musician.

How can you get hold of their music? - I'm from UK...
Do they even release to other countries?
Hmm... Nice to see the inclusion of some more of IX, and nicer to see that VII isn't dominating, what with the milking still in full blast. I can't help but notice that X was snubbed, though. the battle theme is way overdue, methinks. the fake trumpets would do alot better as guitars.
Oh yeh, and how do you get hold of their backing tracks/sheet music?

I can't seem to find them anywhere online... and they're not mainstream enough to be in local music stores
As far as I know, there are no stores outside of Japan that sell their material, so you have to do some snooping online to order a copy.

I too would have liked them to include a version FFX's battle theme, but they included a track from FFXI (which I've been playing for about 4.5 years now lol) so I'll let that one slide. Alternately, an extended metal version of To Zanarkand would have been pretty sweet, I think.

As far as tablature goes, if there are any official books, they are probably available in Japan only. I myself would like to find a tab for the solo in Advent: One Winged Angel.