i was just wondering who else is into neurosis and what their favorite album be them is. mine is Times Of Grace.
on the brink of extinction.
One of My favourite groups, I even dig the more hardcore based stuff. It's hard picking my favourite, but if pressed I usually go with A Sun That Never Sets. It's their most organic release, not the mention the DVD version is amazing.
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Neurosis is one of my favourite bands, im going to have to go with Every eye of every storm as my favourite followed by Times of grace then Given to the rising
I just heard Locust Star and it kicked my ass, extremely hard. The end with the three layers of vocals, damn awesome!
Through Silver In Blood was really awesome. That CD really got me into Neurosis.
Just got into this band, I'm going through their stuff chronologically, I'm liking how crusty this first album is, although I know i'll liek their older stuff, cause it's like Isis, and Isis makes me cream my pants.
Neurosis is incredible. Souls At Zero was really ahead of it's time if you ask me.
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A Sun that never sets is amazing. it you want amaing music listen to the tide. track 2

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