On my SG, mostly on fret 2 only on the hight E string, I get a god-awful noise when I try to play my F#. I wouldn't quite call it a buzz, I don't think at least. It almost sounds like it's sounding the wrong note, but it's like really chopped up and ugly. This isn't my idea of buzzing, but I'm not sure I've had buzzing problems before, so I don't know.

I look at the strings from the side and it doesn't look like the action is bad or anything. It also happens on the F, but not nearly as bad.

I'm expecting new strings in the mail soon, that are thicker. I believe the stock strings on it right now are 9's. I'm not sure though. It's an Epi G-400. The new strings are D'Addario 11's.

Will this make the problem even worse? Or will it fix it somehow? Is it happening because I need to adjust my truss-rod?

Edit: Also, with my new, thicker strings, will it be okay to switch from say, half step down to standard and Drop D...A lot? Or does that wear on the strings too much?
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i had the same problem. but once i got new strings the problem was gone. :

That's very encouraging <.<
It could be a high fret, but try the new strings and see what happens.

EDIT: Meaning the fret in front of it is high (or the 2nd fret is low) so when you fret the 2nd fret it hits the 3rd fret too.
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