Is it possible to sand the contour of a strat with an electric sander?

Or should I do it by hand?

I started sanding my Squire since im modding/rebuilding it (new thread coming soon with pics and whatnot), but i think i put a tiny little dent where the contour starts because I was using an electric sander.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: More questions in my latest post.
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I would do it by hand. You really only have to sand off the outer coat, the poly/nitro stuff. And unless the sanding disk is flexible, idk if it would sandall of the contour.
i think it would be easiest if u went over it with a sanding disk then went over the spots missed hand sanding
Thanks for the replies. I got the front and back all sanded down, now i just gotta get the sides.

Few more questions:

1. You know how wher the front and side meet, its not a hard edge but a rounded one? (This isnt the question to be answered...)
Well, when I go to sand the sides, how should i do it to keep the roundness?

2. Am i supposed to sand inside the pickup or neck cavities?

Thanks in advance
1 - hand sand it... or make a block out of hard foam or wood for the sand paper that is shaped to follow the rounded edge

2 - you don't have to. I wouldn't mess around with the neck pocket, it could get too big to fit the neck tightly. Just get what can be seen and sand later if it ends up too thick.
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