Can anyone explain to me why they are classified as a christian metal band? Because none of their titles seem that way.
They're not metal anyway, they're hardcore/metalcore whatever.

And they're definitely Christian, and rather upfront about it. Read their blogs/lyrics.

edit: You judged them by the song titles? Those are obviously jokes...
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i thought that was a bad chick flick not a band

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Desite the humor here the devil wears prada is an amazing band and i just started listening to them. i like the paradoxial vocals from light, melodic to deep, powerful. good band no matter what you guys think. you want to know what type music a band is f^ing isten to them.
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One of their songs is called "Goats on a Boat"

Noah's Ark, retard!

i thought goats on a boat was making fun of snakes on a plane, but that works too i guess!
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its metal/electronica
Yeah the titles are just jokes but if you look at their lyrics you can find christian themes...

one of their songs has the line "Don't be ashamed of your faith" and others confront christian themes like temptation and vanity.

also if you look at their booklet for their album Plagues, each page has the scripture and a pic of all of the plagues found in Exodus
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