Hi im tyler, i got an ibanez for christmas and i just started to really get into it a few weeks ago. Ive almost got iron man down, but im having trouble finding tabs that are easy to learn but still fun to play, so any suggestions are appreciated. I also would appreciate any links to good lessons that will help me better myself at guitar. Thanks for reading and i appreciate any help you can give me.
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on topic though- nice to meet you tyler have a good time being corrupted by the foul tentacles of... >THE PIT!< *jaws music*
Welcome to UG, Tyler

Be sure to read the rules and faq and have fun while you're here. There's a thread stickied to the top of this forums for introductions like this one. Feel free to introduce yourself there as well. As far as easy-to-grasp lessons go, we have some good lessons for beginners right here on UG. You may like to take a look at some of them. If you need help with anything then don't hesitate to send me a PM and I'll try to help you out as best as I can
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just so everyone knows - nasstyman received a warning for this post. that is not an acceptable response to any topic, it's pure spam. we don't allow this on UG.

tyler, welcome to ug! please take note of nightraven and aig91's advice if you have any more guitar related questions, please ask in the guitar & bass asics forum.
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