is it possible to mod my wah pedal so that it make more of a wah sound? mine is a crappy one from target(im really cheap) and barely changes the sound at all.

Edit: sorry its a Lyon by Washburn
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And what wah-pedal do you have? HELP us before WE help YOU

edit: i really really dislike it when people ask sumthing in a thread and don't answer
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Re-index the pot. I got my Lyon from Target and it sounds better than a Crybaby. Then I went mod-crazy on it and somehow broke it. Also, after you re-index the pot, put a 100k resistor in place of the 33k in parallel with the inductor. The Lyon can't be too crappy; it's a GCB95 clone with a better input buffer. I actually sat down one day and traced the PCB 'cause I couldn't find a schem online. Also, how is it being 'cheap' if the Lyon costs the same as a Crybaby?
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How much is it? I thought they sold one for under $25 or something?
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The Lyon and the Crybaby both cost around $60, but for some reason the Target website has the Lyon for $70. If given the choice, I'd go with a Lyon. It has a 500mH Halo replica inductor instead of the crap 660mH Dunlop ones. 660mH makes the wah sweep muddy and terrible.
unscrew the bottom of the wah. pull the wah up and down. see the little thing that rotates (the pot)? see the thing that makes it spin (attached to the top of th wah)? loosen the screw holding it and rotate the pot until you find the sound you are looking for. try every possibility
Crazy times people...just bought a Lyon wah pedal from deals direct for $19.95 + $9.95 postage. The reviews seem pretty good on this pedal...god how times have changed since I first started playing back in 96, I mean $20 for a brand new wah wah? Tell me that's not a bargain, I still can't believe it
There are 2 kinds of lyon wah apparently. Theres one that looks like a regular dunlop wah and 1 with stamped metal housing with a range control on top. Looking at deals direct its a good deal for 20$ as a broken dunlop of fleabay will be 30$. But deals direct is an AU site so cant get em here in the states. The site only lets you enter AU postal codes and addresses. I would have bought 5 or 6 of them just for the housings and parts.