whats the bennifit towards having 7 strings rather than 6? or visa versa. im thinking of picking up a 7 string ibanez, but i would not know what to do with it. like how would you have it tuned, like guhhh

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it's tuned (from low to high) eBGDAEB normally. The higher 6 strings are the same as a regular 6-string, it just has an extra low B. THe advantage is that is gives you a greater range.

If you can, just go to a shop and play one for a while and see how you like it.
The 7th string is tuned a fourth below the E string (B) so you can play more low notes. It's good for metal, although I know 7 stringed guitars are also used for jazz.


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There is no direct Benefit of having an extra string, it just gives you more notes, which can be a good thing or a bad thing based upon alot of variables about you as a guitarist.
the 7th string will give you lower notes obviously. I would say go for it, its tuned the same as a 6string, so if you are learning a song on a 6 string guitar you just ignore the 7th string.

and, if you are learning a song that splayed on a 6 string thats in a lwoer tuning, you dont need to tune down, just use the 7th string.

its pretty good. do it.
The question is that do you see yourself actually needing a low B, if you see yourself being able to incorporate it into your music then go for it.....be realistic if its just going to end up a phase.