Pretty good but I'm not sure if I like the vocals panned all the way to the left. When it kicked on the right at the end that sounded pretty cool. Other than that I'd say good deal, keep it up.
Yeah, my stupid mic will only record either panned full left or panned full right. I hate it as well
sounded really good man...very dylan-esque i thought then i realized he was in your favorites lol the vocals being all panned to the side bothered me at first..but alas i got over it and in the end lol in terms of the actual song i thought both instrumentally and lyrically it was good + you got a really good voice..recording quality was really good as well specially for a demo my only complaint would maybe turn up the vox a shade...but thats just me
Wow, thats the best song I've ever heard!

Just kidding. No, its good though. It reminds me either Bob Dylan or Tom Petty. (both of those are compliments)
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