the solo rocked
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The part where its like 0-4-4-0-4-4 then harmonics between a few parts Was pretty messed up and kinda detracted from an overall wonderful performance. thats the only thing i could think of. Mind critting mine? its on my profile and in the thread "Titanic Theme"
Lead guitar is pretty good, however, take care with the voice played on guitar.
It seems to be off tune constantly, maybe due to a not perfect vibrato technique.
Great tone.
Let's be cliche.

The harmonics (as well as the pick harmonics) were the only thing that brought me to my knees. And not the kind of knee dropping action that you get from an awesome, tear jerking solo. No, these were from pain.

Work on them. Also, with your solo, it seems you were double picking when you should have been using tap harmonics. I guess it's preference but it seems to work better.

The tone is excellent and it was an overall good job.
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Real good, nice tone too

the only thing was the intro/ main riff, even though played right, didn't sound so much like the real Panama.