my electric guitars bottom 3 strings
my g,b,e strings
all sound really flat
i tune them perfectly
but they still sound really flat
is there any way i can fix this?
and when i get new strings
it takes me like 15 mins to tune the guitar
but my friend has the same guitar as i do
and he tunes 1 string and it stays that tuning
but mine i have to tune 1 string atleast 5 or 6 times
for it to stay
thanks alot!!
If it takes you 15 minutes to tune your guitar, you obviously do not have a tuner. I would suggest going to a music store and getting a tuner or have them to look at your bridge and your strings.
i have 2 tuners actually.
1 on my amp and 1 portable one
and i buy new strings all the time
its not really a buzzy sound
the strings just sound really flat
would you guys like me to video tape it so
you can hear it for yourselves
Probably intonation is really off.
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Check to see what note the 12th fret on them is. It should be the same for the open string of that string(just one octave up), if it is not, take it to somewhere and have it properly set up and adjusted.
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im guessing my guitar had the same problem. take ur guitar and look down the neck from the headstock with ur eyes on the same plane as ur guitar. see if the neck takes a sort of dip. mine had it around the 11-13 fret range and the notes were kind of dead. also another thing to check is the metal bars that divide ur frets. see if they touch ur strings or maybe ur bridge is to low. it could be a whole sort of things. if ur not familiar with guitars and fixing them take it to a store. but no better time then to learn now on how to fix them