blues jam its called in here too, bass/drums are loops....no lyrics...yet...looking for opinions on riffs..too generic...etc. The tone isnt SUPER bluesy, tried, lol...jackson dinky with a mxr overdrive pedal...thanks, ill return crit.

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I liked it, the tone is fitting for an old 50's blues style. Part of the intro may be a hair off in timing, but its pretty good.

I really like the licks you used, pretty good for the length of time youve been playing.
thanks i work on pentatonic a lot, so its getting a lot better and more accurate, lol...yea the strum rythm part i think id change maybe anyhow if i made it into a song, not sure.
is it more the rythm part thats off or the riffs as a whole? guess im just not understanding where the lead parts are off, as i use the drum loop as a guide to following the bars...maybe too many notes in parts of the lead....i suppose ill burn it to a cd and take it into my guitar instructor so he could show me in person. ps more i listen to it the ending sux, rofl
Like said, the rhythm part seems a little off in the beginning, good hard hitting tone though. I like that lead, great phrasing if you ask me. These solos are pretty sweet actually. Im impressed. Around 2:15 it sounded a little off time. Thats a great tone you have there. Yeah, the outro could use a bit of work, but not bad at all man! overall not a bad job on it, and thanks for the crit on mine.
Nice phrasing and tone. I think you should work on making your finishing notes a bit more solid, but other than that it sounds great.

I like how you didn't use much overdrive. It has a unique sound because of that.

Could you crit my stuff?
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shmidty, i posted a comment on your page because was no forum link to do so :-)...but nice work, both sounded cool.