i have a peavey classic 30, and id like to find an overdrive pedal that, i can put in line with my amp and can use while on the gain channel on my amp. Right now with my amp, i have the pre set all the way up to 12, and the post always around 2-3 so it doesnt get too loud. I want to be on these settings, then be able to turn on an overdrive pedal that will keep the original amp sound somewhat, but push more gain into it. I want to get a really warm overdriven tone. Something like Paul Gilberts tone in the album get off of my yard. also with my amp, when i turn the volume up it starts to get really really airy sounding, so id like an overdrive pedal that can give it a more compressed sound.
Hmmm if its more kick your looking for as well a modified Tubescreamer will be your best bet... Get the 808 mod for warmth and then go with one of the high level/gain mods...

Sorry cant see the video at work just going on what your telling me.. for comparision..
Maybe a BBE greenscreamer? its true bypass also
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Fulltone OCD is the best overdrive I have personally used. I have used the Ibanez the Digitech but never a moded one. I haven't used the Maxon either.
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True bypass is when the pedal doesn't suck treble/color tone while it is off/bypassed.
Usually, with higher end non-true-bypass pedals, the bypass is usually good enough to go unnoticed.

I'd look at Whizzer-mod's TS7/TS808 mod. He's on ebay, and he pumps out a TS7 once in a while. He does a couple per month, but word is starting to spread on him, so he's starting to get more business.
I was a bit skeptical at buying at first, but it's truly a very smooth sounding pedal.
It's a great match for the peavey classic (I have the ts7 running into my C50)

only 100 bucks when you factor in shipping. So, i'd recommend that.
Or a stock ts9, then mod to your heart's content.
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