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I know Im not the only one, all my mates get the same thing

Ya know where your half asleep (still awake) and all of a sudden you feel like your falling, or a ball is about to hit your face etc. and you jump and get a freak shock while lying in bed

Whats the deal with those things? Anyone know why they happen, or how to stop em?
I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

EDIT: Yes, I do. I get those sometimes when I'm half-dreaming about something or other.
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i do the same when im half asleep and was just thinking about skateing.. i pretent to take a ollie (jump:P) and just kick both my feets as hard i can away from me :S scary as hell xD
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From what ive heard from people, your body actually thinks that youre going to die and it goes into shock and you jump.
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you know what sucks, is when your bed is next to a wall and your leg jerks and you slam your knee into the wall, that sucks. i get them when im awake.
Yeah that happened to me a few weeks ago. I was skateboarding (In a dream) and suddenly the board slipped out from underneath me, when I would've hit the ground I woke up and my body contorted in the way it would have had I actually fallen. Weird.
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yea dude Ill be lying there deep in thought and all the sudden it feels like im about to trip or something and my whole body like shakes and my legs kick out. doesnt really bother me that much though, only happens every once in a while
i heard somewhere its because your body feels like its falling

but then again i also heard something like your muscles get really really relaxed and for some reason your body just jerks
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Yeah that happens to me every now and then but I just haven't thought about it. Would be interesting to know more about it though.
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One time I was sleeping in a car (long car rides FTL), and I had a dream where I was looking down from the top of the stairwell of my old Elementary school. Then, I fell over the edge and awoke instantly.

I'm also afraid of heights.
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dud that happens to me all the time...
holy ****
i didnt know it happned so commonly
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And it kinda feels like you cant see anything and your sort of hallucinating?
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I heard it was when you momentarily stop breathing =/
I dunno, I get them too.
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That happened to me when I was falling asleep in class one time. One arm slammed into the desk really hard and the other arm flung my pencil halfway across the room. The girl in front of me gave me a weird look...
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There was a thread on this a while ago, and someone found out what it was actually called. Unfortunately, I can't remember what it is, but I get it as well.
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Ugh I hate when that happens.
Just about to fall asleep properly and then BAM 'wtf just happe- oh ****'

Kind of on topic.... Had a weird odd awakening from my dream last night... I was getting lots of piercings in my face at the same time and I woke up and I swear I felt the pain.

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Has something to do with your untemporarly (wth?? spelling) heartbeats while your sleeping.
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From QI: no-one really knows what triggers it, but some say it's from our tree-sleeping days, an in-built branch-catching device to save ourselves.
I get those all the time, I HATE them after one time when, knowing I was gonna be up all night cause people wouldnt shut the hell up, I started to drift off, then that happend, and I never slept that night...
call me Shelby

Yh that happens sometimes when I am about to wake up. (Well duh)

But I think I was waking up anyway then bam
Just about everytime I'm falling asleep, I dream Im trip over, and I jump out of my skin, and follow this by falling asleep!

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I know Im not the only one, all my mates get the same thing

Ya know where your half asleep (still awake) and all of a sudden you feel like your falling, or a ball is about to hit your face etc. and you jump and get a freak shock while lying in bed

Whats the deal with those things? Anyone know why they happen, or how to stop em?

idk how to stop them but I know an explanation to why it happens. When you're sleeping your foot is usually perpendicular to the bed. As you relax, sometimes your foot relaxes suddenly and "falls" parallel to the bed.

Now, for some crazy reason, this messes with your semicircular canals(what your body uses to balance) and your brain is tricked into that "falling" sensation. It's gets less common as you grow older.

EDIT: so technically you can put your feet in a cast or something and it should help
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Yeah I get those sometimes.

I think its actually when your body starts to "fall" into sleep/dream but you're still half-awake? Then you bounce.

But it happens to me plenty, and it freaks me out every time.
lol I've had them too, like when I'm having an odd dream of falling down the stairs, then I wake as I hit the ground. It's kinda amusing
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I get them too. Dont know what they are.

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Yea' I get them.

But whats real werid is I can set my body to have one when I start to fall asleep when I don't want to to keep me awake.


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Yeh i get them I hate them ! There so freaky.
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