Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knows of an existing tab for the song M4 Part II by the Faunts. Or, if none exists, if anyone could so kindly tab it

The song plays at the end credits of the game Mass Effect, and though it's kind of long, it doesn't sound to complicated. The guitar seems more atmospheric, really.

The full length song is right here


and the radio edit is on their band myspace right here


Thanks again, in advance
Yeah i'm looking 4 a tab 2 m4 part II 2. seriously if anyone cud figure it out 4 us it wud be much appreciated.
Ill try and tab some now, if its fun enough, ill tab the whole thing. Great song though nice and ambient.
OK its fun enough hehe, I'll start putting it into a GP5 file tomorrow. Should be finished tabbing in a week or two. (I have a few tabs going at moment). If you cannot use it in GP format I will export it into ASCII tab when I am done.