been looking into getting a new amp to go with my epiphone les paul. Been playing about 4 years now but dont treally know much about amps.

Play mostly classic rock like T.Rex, ACDC, Cream etc.

ive been looking at the marshall dsl401 and wondering is it aany good for what i want?

yeah right up your alley.
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If youre in the UK the Laney VC30 will satisfy you better for what you want. 3/4 of the price and sounds much better.

If youre in the US look into the Peavey Classic 30 and Traynor YCVs, the DSL401 is ridiculously overpriced in the US.
The DSL401 isn't any good for what anybody wants.

Ergo, it's shit.

^ What (s)he said.
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i brought my second hand think its been modded. But i love it. And yes im not a noob who just tried an MG then went ill have this one! Can get a really good t-rexy tone. but if you not gona go heavy gain and want a british sound i would say maybe vc-30 although i found it didnt have enough gain for some of my stuff so decided on the dsl401 although i was set on the vc-30. The dsl gets a lot of stick on UG, same as the mg bandwagon, and the line 6. Just one of those thing, add my hotmail or send an email to lord_varkunus@hotmail.com if you want some samples