i've never really noticed it before. but on my dunlop wah, whenever i put my wah in the "toe down" position, i start picking up signals from a radio station. if i leav my wah in that position, it can hear the signals pretty loudly. does anyone know what the cause of this problem is? and how can i fix it?

could it be my cables? i use mogami cables btw

this only happens when i am using my wah. when im just playing straight into my amp, i nvr have this problem
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Sounds like it would be a tight effect lol

More then likely its something internal or a bad cable... But its wierd more and more electronics are picking up radio stations. I guess they upped the boost on those towers or something....
That always happens to me with my Vox wah wah. I just tighen the screws on input jacks and it goes away.
that's pretty scary,I think I would freak out if I suddenly heard a voice through my amp :S
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