So I got some funny looks when i revealed i name my basses..... does anyone else do this
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I name my guitars for a simple reason.

When my friends phone up and say do I want to go out, I can turn round and say "no, I am staying in with Jess tonight" and they think I am cool because I have a girl in the house.
Depends on the guitar, my classical I don't really have a name for it, besides when I say sorry baby when I bonk it on something or ding it.(ya i'm weird :P) But my electric(in my sig) I call "The Beast" Because of the way it looks and the sheer weight of it.
I get funny looks anyway...

I haven't named any of my guitars but as someone else above has said when they get knocked or anything I do end up saying baby sometimes...
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i dont know what i'm going to call my acoustic, its brand new so i gotta think of a name lol