Yep, so right now I'm reading "Slash" (slash's autobiography) and it is a effin good book. What other band/peoples biographies would you recommend to read?
yeah i've heard SHASH is good.... i like Scar tissue ( Anthony kiedis)
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Slipknot's one for sure,made me a maggot
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JIm morrison

I found that one boring myself >.>

Charles Cross's take on Hendrix and Cobain is interesting
Also you need to read frank zappa's biography to be a sucessful human being.
(Even though he trails off into politics rather than his life)
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eric claptons book
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claptons and kiedis' Scar Tissue was awesome
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Amadeus is my second favorite movie.

I found that movie absolutely hilarious. I couldn't get over Mozart's laugh. I thought it was a great. No wonder it got eight Academy Awards.
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Cool cool, I will definitely read some of those in the future. Does anyone know if anything has been written on layne staley's life?
Nirvana: The Biography by Everett True was a very, very information-filled read. Not just about Nirvana, but about grunge and Seattle as a whole.
White Line Fever - Lemmys book. Really good, you dont need to be a fan to enjoy the book.
Poison Heart or Lobotomy: Surviving the Ramones by Dee Dee Ramone (they're the same book really; one has a different foreword or something) is a really good read.
Our band could be your life is one of my favorites. Its not 1 particular band, but covers several bands like sonic youth, dinosaur jr, mudhoney, and black flag. It's really a great read.
I read slash's and it was awesome. I got mine signed by the man himself .

Ronnie Wood's got boring.
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Amadeus is my second favorite movie.

Amadeus wasn't exactly meant to be biographical. It's very loosely based on Mozart's life but doesn't attempt to be factual at all times.

Rather, the movie uses Amadeus and Salieri as two examples to contrast between ingenuity and mediocrity, which is the actual and main point of the film. Amadeus and Salieri themselves are merely the backdrop.

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Biographies I've read:

Frank Zappa
Jimi Hendrix
Anthony Kiedis (Autobiography)
Kurt Cobain
Marilyn Manson (AutoBiography)

They're all really good books. The Zappa one takes a while to get into though.

Also, Try reading the "Chong:tales from the joint." Tommy Chongs autobiography. Its not as much about music. But there are some parts from his jamming days in there.
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Johnny Cash's autobiography was a good read it was a lot like an interview more than a story and it didnt talk a whole lot about the music buisness but his personal life but it was still a great book.
the Aerosmith biography was good. I guess. been a while since I've read it. Steven Tyler did some nasty things as a child =/
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