My computer was taken into the shop and they switched out the hard drive without letting me back up my music from iTunes. I do, however, still have all that music on my iPod. Is there any way I can get the music from my iPod to iTunes?
:stickpoke thats pretty much it
Yeah i think so.. whenever I plug mine in it asks me if i want to see the files stored on it.. I guess thats the way to them..
Oh hai guise..
No itunes won't let you do that

Youl have to download a program that does that. I'd google IPOD to Computer transfer

I use a program called ipod music liberator

The free version only lets you do 5 songs at a time, but hey its better than nothing
there is a product called iDump
ill try to get you a link

its freeware so don't worry
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You don't need any programs...

Get the iPod into disc mode, go in and find all your music, it will be a series of numbers, but don't worry about that. Copy it all to your hard drive and open it all in itunes and the names will be all there.
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