Well, as most of you know I'm German.

Anyway, last night i decided to go out, went clubbing, drank a couple of beers, was having a good time. It turned 3, i decided to start heading home, make sure i caught the last bus.
While i was walking home from the club, i noticed an unusual amount of police cars driving around, and streets sealed off. I started to get a little uneasy, hoped that nothing bad was going on (mob fight or such).

I started to walk a little faster.

I noticed this lady walking in front of me, she looked middle eastern. I had just read "Persepolis", a biography about a child growing up in Iran during the war, and she reminded me of her mother.

Then it happened.

The loudest bang I have ever heard in my life shook the floor, my insides and my teeth, my heart literally skipped a beat. I mean, it was perfectly quiet, just a couple of cars here and there and then BANG, the explosion. I seriously almost wet my pants, but that was nothing compared to the lady.
She threw herself on the floor, screaming "bomben! bomben!" (bombs in german) at the top of her lungs, tears streaking down her face. her face was stricken with fear, she basically hugged the ground.
Some police men saw and heard her, came over to comfort her and to explain that it wasn't an attack, but just a building being torn down. Not wanting to seem nosy, i kept on walking, but still overheard her saying that she was reminded of the time her neighbours house was hit by a rocket in Iran, that she was sorry for causing a commotion but that she was severly traumatized by that experience.

She couldn't stand up for a while, I turned around after a couple hundred feet and she was still sitting on the floor with the two police men talking to her.

This whole experience just got me thinking, you know? What it must be like, growing up in a war-ridden country. Imagine having your neighbors house (with your neighbours in it) be accidentally hit by a rocket like this poor lady.
I was a little down, coming out of the club because i found out this girl i liked had a boyfriend, but after the scene with this lady it just hit me how utterly stupid worries like that are, how good our lives are that we even CAN worry about things like that.

Any thoughts, comments?
I throughly agree with this...
I've been researching the Rwandan Genocide for the past 3 months, reading biographies, watching documentaries and the like... It really makes you appreciate the society in which we live in - and what we take for granted. The world can change in the matter of an instant, and it has for some people...
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Yeah, that is pretty crazy, it kind of makes you think how lucky our generation and others before it where to not have to live through a war like WWI or WWII, and the most we have to worry about it is all just ending due to nuclear warfare. I mean, if it came down to war, i think i would rather everything just go up in flams then have to live months and months running and hiding from the enemy, wondering if today was going to be the day i was going to die.

Seems like a crazy life, but then again, the war where having now isnt much different from the war then, all wars had to start somewhere.

Who knows, maybe tomorrow will be just like WWII, but i sure as hell wouldnt want to grow up in a world where a dictator ruled and the towns where captured and men where forced to fight, and women where forced to farm and work, while the children where killed or blown up by mines hiding in the playgrounds.

Wow, touchy soubject.
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