New metal song up on my profile, it's called Destruction Of Leviathan. It's not finished yet, need to add a solo and maybe vocals if i get around to it. I will crit for crit but having friends over soon so i will look tomorrow. Thanks
This is pretty cool - old school metal, which I can appreciate. It definitely needs something more, because I can only listen to plain old riffage for a little while before I want something else. But it's definitely a cool track. I can easily picture vocals happening on it and some sort of insane chromatic soloing, like in a Slayer kind of style. Also liked the sound effects at the beginning and end. It's a nice touch you don't often hear on these demo type things.
wow, I really liked it,
reminded me a lot of
Metallica, which, looking
at your bands section,
would seem like your target sound?
very good, a solo and
some vocals to finish it
off, and it's a great Metal
track, keep it up
i listened to it it was pretty cool the sound efx and the drums were a good fit to the song aswell it will be great once you add some solos to it good job
wow the intro sounds awesome. Really reminds me of some 80s thrash. Everything is very tight. Great work!
I really thought this was cool. You got a good sound and some of the musical sections in this were very good. The 'main' riff was very suiting to the track. I think it works better then say a fast Slayer riff would. The Part at around 1.30 was awesome.

The drums sound good and the overall recording in production was good.

With some vocals and a solo this would be really great.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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