that was totally awesome. youve written some pretty good material. nice tuning also, if i had a spare guitar id prob try it out.
i would subscribe but i dont really check my subscriptions, but ill fav it
i enjoyed that. it's not amazingly complex, but it is quite nice sounding regardless. good stuff!
Quote by Fatso Forgottso
thanks guys.
to theshroomman, its really not that hard to tune to.
also, where are you in calgary?

in the n.w., beddington area. by the bus loop. know some ppl here or somthin?
D-03 or D-03R? I've got the D-03R, wonderful guitar. I love the simplicity in design, no fancy inlays and what-not, just an awesome guitar for an awesome price.
It reminds me of McIntyre Range by the band "moe." Listen to them, i think you'd appreciate them