fulltone clyde wah
roger mayer axis fuzz
tube screamer

i usually play a lot of hendrix and want the over driven fuzz he got so what order should these pedals be put in? im playing through a blues jr

EDIT: OD needs to boost everything before amp
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hendrix put his wah after his fuzz so try that out too.
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^everything ive read says the wah went first, but it just doesnt seem correct
It depends on the sound you want. Most people run their wah through their fuzzbox. Others run their fuzz through the wah. Placing the overdrive last would be the best idea though. That way it drives all of the sound after the effects. But the whole wah fuzz deal, you should try both and figure out which one you like.

if you put the wah first it will only "wah" your guitar not the guitar and fuzz and considering what you want to play put the wah second.
Having just experimented with my fuzz pedal and my friend's wah today, it seems to work best to put the fuzz before the wah, and I assume both of those before the overdrive.
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i seem to like the Wah-fuzz-screamer-amp method. however ill try out the wah in the middle and see how that goes