So i was looking through harmony central to see how the laney lc15 is.

Sound Quality : 9
a tube amp sounds amazing. I should know i have been playing since i was 2, that's 50 years. Back in the day when my balls wern't shrivled and old i had a vox, i think this sounds just like it, i can't really remember wahat it sounded like but i know this is better, ive been playing for 70 years and i've played everything i should knowm, this is the best british sound you'll get even though it was made in korea. A tube awsome. many people have been replaceing the speakers, but I Know much more than you, so I made my own speaker out of a sheet of paper a colander, paperclips and a micky mouse fridge magnet, and Boy, but i am much better than you and know much more, so i'm not going to tell you how to do it as, woo 500 volts is dangerous!
with my custom speaker i get all the bass i need, sometimes my wife likes to sit nakid ontop of my amp whilst i play, on account of the fact i play so much that we haven't had relations for years.


oh, and btw. anyone have xp with this amp? i wanna push it to paul gilbert - high gain. will this cover me? do dist/OD pedals work well with it? will they get me there?


and LOL^^^^
What the fuck man, seriously
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Hey no problem! I was thinking of getting one but sadly it was just slightly out of my budget at the time and a bit big, but when I start a band (long overdue) I might get one.
cool. i'm also looking at the vc 15. i really have no idea what to go for, cuz i really enjoy the vox i have. i'm just worried i might downgrade