So, we got a battle of the bands coming up, and we are clueless as to what songs to play at it. Weare a 4 person band with drums bass, 1 guitar and a singer. Any suggestions? We arent too bad so they dont gotta be really easy or anything :-)
nickelback - animals, pretty decent song and our band got it in about 20 minutes in our first practice, but we knew the parts beforehand
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depending on how good your vocalist is, i say try Three Evils by Coheed and Cambria. Its fast, somewhat poppy, and your audience should like it i think.
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i say try Three Evils by Coheed and Cambria. .

Yeah i see what yer gettin at, C&C are a great 4 piece, i love ten speed
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The amount of threads up for "What should we play at battle of the bands?" amazes me.
This isn't a bashing, it's a question.
It's just I always know songs I would love to play live.
The last time I had too many to choose from.

Why would you not want to pick the song yourself?
Long story short, we cant agree on songs to play (really long story +_+) so we decided to ask the fine people of the forum.