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Yes, if I ever need to
37 40%
Olny if its an emergency
38 41%
Depends where the restroom is (school, mall ect...
11 12%
Nope, i just cant
7 8%
Voters: 93.
Can you use the stall (not urinal) in a public restroom

Personally i think the ones at school are the worst

(like usual, gimme a sec for a poll)

Have fun

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yes, i use it to place my horses
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If I need a jobby I need a jobby.

I'd rather do it in a public bathroom than my pants.

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Only if im about to piss my pants. Then yes. Other than that, no.

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It depends...the ones at the mall usually aren't too bad, but like when I was at the drive in that was just awful and I decided to hold it in.
of course.
school ones are the best so you can talk to your mates
at school all the time.... i never did until 9th grade and then i discoverd, its not as bad as i thought......i can never ****/piss if someone else is in the room though....sucks
nope! I dnt usually need twosies at school and rarely even go for a piddle at school
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Anybody who doesn't actively seek to share their urinal excursions with his compatriots needs to man the **** up.
Only not at like a ****ty gas station. Otherwise I don't care.

It's all a matter of using judgement.
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I always use the stall to piss, and I rarely have to deuce in a public bathroom. If I do, I'll just hold my ass off the seat like a plane and pretend I'm dropping off skydivers.
Thre's been some REALLY bad ones, but when you gotta go, you gotta go...
sometimes if I really have to...I hate taking a dump in public bathrooms since the toilet paper is so thin, it practically get stuck in my ass hair.
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