Is anybody a fan of this show? I just recently got obsessed with it and I think it's hilarious. Larry David is extremely funny, and its amazing that its all improv.

I just started watching it at season 6. The first thing I think when I watch it is "It is very obvious that Larry David made Seinfeld". Not that it's bad, but still. My favorite part so far is when Leon tells Larry how to "get in that mother****er's asshole" after a skinhead yells at him for being a Jew.
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Seinfeld > David.

yeah i'd have to agree but Curb is still a good show.
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I love Curb.

I love Seinfeld, too, but at least Curb doesn't have laugh-tracks.

I hate laugh tracks. I really hate laugh tracks.

yeah i like that about it too. it makes it seem more real.
I despise Seinfeild, but i love this show, I know it's the same humor but with more mature themes, but they do it better.

I love the Crazy-eyes-Killer.
LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this show, its like one of three shows that makes me laugh out loud, larry is the man, without doubt