Ive been playing mostly metal so Im not much good with all the strumming and techniques used in other genres.

I'm planning to buy a score book or 2 from amazon so are there any suggestions? I was thinking of things like Beatles, Rolling stones, Dire Straits and possibly eric clapton. But then again I don't know how difficult they are and so any help would be appreciated.
Rolling Stones may be too easy so I'd go with the clapton book for a little more of a challenge
Id say Clapton. Dire Straits would be hard, and most Beatles would be really easy. Either Clapton or maybe something Hendrix?
yeah Clapton, but remember when playing Clapton, DO NOT angle your pick you wont be able to produce the same sound he does, it will be to bass-y
B. B King is a classic, but more straight forward blues than rock.

Gary Moore is blues/rock classic

Clapton and Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) should go without saying.