You would probably have to mod a line selector and replace switch with a knob that adjusts some sort of pot regulating which output the signal goes to.


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i dont know about making one, but i have a digitech rp90 that has a panning effect on it.
it can pan automatically, or you can set it to the expression pedal and pan it manually

it sounds weird as hell when you set the panner to auto and put on the fastest speed there is, and have a speaker on either side of you
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You can't with just one amp (well, easily). However, with two you can go nuts with panning using a dual pot.
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There are pedals that /sort/ of do it.
Rotary Pedals.

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There are pedals that /sort/ of do it.
Rotary Pedals.


Add a tremelo pedal in there. CRAZY
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