Hey everyone, I was wondering if some of you guys could help me out. There is this solo from a song called ‘Everyday Combat’ off Lostprophets album Liberation Transmission. Now this solo seems pretty kick ass not to mention damn hard to play and I’ve found the tabs but usually I use guitar pro to learn songs as it is much easier. I've covered a bit but its just not sounding right or its nothing like the original
and lately I can't find the solo for guitar pro and only in tabs and I’ve tried to put the tabs in guitar pro myself but er its just not working out so. Would anyone mind trying to put the solo in guitar pro and making it sound not to shabby for me ?

Here is the site showing the solo tabs: http://www.911tabs.com/link/?4537840

Anyways this would be so awesome if someone could make it in guitar pro and i would Appreciate it so much. Thanks !

Oh and this is my email: Birdhouse_98@hotmail.com
And if you would like the song i can send it
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hmmmm if someone does it .. as in return ill get them any song ! this would be super tho because in a few weeks I'm going to play with my band in front of my school and i just cant nail the solo and without the solo this song is just not awesome
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