I got the Peavey JSX Mini Collosal today, and was rather disapointed... i thought you could get the metal sound of this amp by just cranking it, i was so wrong .

I will need a pedal now to get the metal sound i want. I was thinking about getting the boss MT 2 pedal.. but i dont really have a clue about what pedals are good...

The kind of music i play is for example steve vai joe satriani paul gilbert but i also play sonata arctica , megadeth, angra, van halen (or at least i attempt to play it)

What pedal would you guys recommend me
if you just got it today maybe you should think about returning it

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why did you not test the amp more?
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well, dont al valve amps sound clean without pedals? I mean i bought this amp , cause satriani promoted it (not only for that reason) so i thought i can get those sounds of his music out of it

I spent a lot of time looking for a valve amp that suited my specifactions, (low voltage, possibilty of getting high gain) this was the only one close...

i honestly dont know what to do, to return it , would be rather stupid, the shop where i bought it is like 1 hour and 20 minutes of drive of where i live , i rly dno what to do
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i've done some searching, and i hardly come across something comparable with the peavey jsx mini collosal, i just wonder if i get for example a boss mt-2, or a ibanez tube screamer, could i get that metal sound like for example :

Yet, i also like this kind of tune :

I know that to get that exact tune i'd need to spend loads of money, i just wonder if i can get more or less close to it and still keep the volume low enough for bedroom use