Here to stay has some very nice riffs. The vocals on both tracks are solid, keep onto the singer...good singers are hard to come by. I'm not the biggest fan of most of Paradise of Sin because it just seems like a typical newer rock song, but I do enjoy the singing. When it kicks into the solo riff it was bad ass, and very Iron Maiden like. Your band seems to have a lot going on so keep at it.
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It's good, but it's not the kind of rock I'm looking for. I'm onto something more classic. Like led, deep, and the beatles... That kinda stuff... British invasion!! =P keep up, you got a pretty good sound =) by the way, great recording quality too. The solo in paradise of sin really reminds Iron, like travis said. Rock on.
hands down.
yall're quite good.

much better than my band
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thanks for the crit

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