warpath vindication
-great solo with teh hammer on pull off thing, loved that
-riffs were solid
-mabey some more hamonys
-great name
-rythm could be a littel better

over all though solid 9/10
nothing too memorable
but great job
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Demo 2 - the opening riff is repeated a lot. A little overplayed. I liked the riffs inbetween the opening riff and it's repeat. I think there might be a little too much harmonizing between 38 and 45. 49-56 shouldn't be repeated 4 times in my opinion. 71-78 didn't seem to fit the song... 103-110 was played too much.

Demo 3 - The opening riffs were really cool. Really brought me into the song. All the riffs sound good. And I liked the solo. The ending riffs kind of got long and boring though.

Warpath - Good song. I was busy so I couldn't pay attention to each riff, but overall it was good.