I am confused about how I should go about analyzing a song. Is there a list or something I could use to help me getting started doing this? I know my way around a theory book, but I am no music major. Any help appricated.
What type of song? Are you talking classical? or like figuring out a rock song.
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Start simple. You can find a lot of free, legal sheet music on the internet. I would suggest starting with something really familiar like a Christmas Carol or something like that, so that you can really hear the effect that each note has in your head if you're not really the best at sight singing/humming/imagining. This way teaches you to associate certain melodies or chord changes with sounds and feelings rather than the next logical move from a theoretical perspective. As you get better at reading and begin to learn more challenging tunes that you may or may not really know in the first place, your ear will get a workout.

It's the best of both worlds!!