Hello Everyone,

I am an amature player who took some lessons as a kid and am trying to continue my learning now that I'm older. I am trying to find out what the correct gear to buy is that will enable me to get the sound similar to popular metallica songs like enter sandman. For electric I currently own a cheap Tradition Strat knock off and an old 30W SGA-15R Stone amplifier. I read about the Metal Muff distortion pedal but when I tried one today at my local shop hooked up to a schecter guitar and marshall amp I couldn't figure out how to get the right sound out of it.

My Stone amplifier has a distortion setting but I can't get it to sound remotely close to what I want. Would the Metal Muff pedal be enough to get me near that 80s Metallica sound or would I need even more such as a new amplifier and a guitar with humbuckers?

Thanks for the help!
Yeah, you would need humbuckers and preferably a new amp. What is your price range?
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I think you don't need a distortion pedal to get metallica's tone.

Just the right amp with the right settings, maybe you should get a pedal if it's not enough.

And a new guitar with humbuckers will do. Preferrably EMG's. Those are the ones kirk hammet uses
Just got a metal muff today and the first thing i did with it was headbang to some enter sandman

Sounds amazing, there are alot of settings to mess with and with my Boss EQ (also new) it's even more versatile.

Yeah, you would need humbuckers and preferably a new amp. What is your price range?

My price range for a new amp would be anything less than $300.00 since I am just playing at home. How are the Roland Cube 30x for metal? Guitar wise I wouldn't be able to spend more then $500 or so. I like the looks of Ibanez and ESP so far...but I don't know as far as sound and quality whats what.

So a Metal Muff pedal would be useless coupled with a new Roland Cube 30 or no?
So it looks like most users are saying that an amp like a Roland Cube 30 with the pedal effects built in wouldn't require a distortion pedal to get good metal sounds, yet I see a lot of people with both. Is that because the pedals allow for higher or more diverse levels of distotion than found on the cube 30?